For bike stores

Offer your customers an extra service by offering a digital passport with the bike and secure all your bikes with a Velopass chip with bike data. Velopass is a smart move for any bike dealer who wants to stand out in the market.

Additional revenue model Internationally secured Better customer experience More time saving

For Manufacturers

You can provide your bikes with a Velopass decal sticker. This means that it is inseparable under the varnish layer of the bicycle. Each bike is delivered from the factory with a digital passport provided with bike data.

Extra service for bike stores and end consumer Link warranty card to bicycle Keep in touch with your bicycles Quality label in (second-hand) market

For leasing

Improve bike identification during and after leasing by identifying your bikes with a Velopass chip.

Improve service to bike stores Facilitate resale after leasing Internationally secured

For Insurance companies

Improve the security of your insured bikes and fight insurance fraud with Velopass.

Promote sales of insurance Internationally secured Verzekeringsfraude tegengaan
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