Frequently asked questions

Do I still need to register my bike in the national registers?

No, Velopass links to the national registers of the different countries. That means that when you look up the code or the frame number in their database, the status of the bike also comes up. That way, your bike is secured internationally!

Velopass also adds a community of bike stores, insurers, leasing companies, manufacturers, police, governments,…. to increase the chances of a bicycle to be retrieved.


What happens if someone removes the chip?

When registering your bike on Velopass, we ask you to enter the brand and frame number (these are mandatory fields). The Velopass chip shows that it is a secured/registered bicycle and ensures that it is easy to read. If someone removes the Velopass sticker from the bicycle, the bicycle can always be found via the brand & frame number combination. Compare it to the number plate/plate of a car. If it is removed, the registered owner can still be found via the chassis number/frame number.


Can I order a new sticker/chip if it is removed from my bike?

You can simply order a new sticker on this website. Then log in to your account, select the bicycle in question and click on replace chip.


Can I transfer the ownership of the bike to a new owner?

You can transfer ownership of the bicycle to another person. After logging in to the platform, select the bicycle in question. Then click on transfer bike to new owner. (this functionality will be available at the end of June).


What is the difference between Velopass and engraving my national registration number into my bike?

Unless this has been done by the manufacturer himself, the warranty on the frame lapses as soon as something is engraved. So if you engrave something in the frame after purchasing your bicycle, for example your national registration number, your warranty on the bicycle will expire. When placing a Velopass sticker, there will be no (permanent) damage to the bicycle if the sticker is ever removed. Moreover, engraving makes your bicycle unsaleable since your personal national register number is irremovably affixed.

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