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Together with our partners, we make every bike theft-proof.

30 days free insurance

Velopass is now offering 30 days of free cover to protect your bike with every bike purchased. You get premium cover from Laka, which covers you against theft, damage, loss and more. You are covered on activation.

And every Laka policy is flexible until the month, meaning you can cancel at any time during your free cover and not be charged a penny.

Insure with Laka

More than 200 bicycle shops trust Qover

Protect your bike from theft and material damages and enjoy 24/7 assistance in case of emergency.


Insure with Qover

Cycling with confidence

Protect your bike with Safebike insurance and enjoy peace of mind during your cycling trips. Coverage against theft, damage, and accidents. Flexible policy options and fast claims processing. Cycle with confidence, your valuable possession is protected with Safebike.

Insure with Safebike

Everyone a bicycle

Buy your affordable and quality bike at buycycle!

buycycle was born by three cycling enthusiasts who were able to turn their passion into their profession.Today, the founders are happily working towards buycycle’s vision of creating the world’s leading marketplace for high-value used bikes, making selling and buying used bikes as easy as riding them.


Safer Every Ride

AFAC is renowned for its international efforts in tracking down bicycles, aimed at minimizing bike theft. Collaborating with Velopass, our aim is to achieve safer mobility. Our joint commitment focuses on enhancing security and revolutionizing the biking experience, aiming to create a safer cycling environment for all.

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