My bike
in my name

The national register 
for bike ownership
Velopass gebruiker

Mathias Peeters

Frame number


Velopass gebruiker

Julia Claes

Frame number


Velopass gebruiker

Emma Jacobs

Frame number


Scare off thieves

By attaching the Velopass sticker with integrated chip to my bike, I make it visible that it is a registered bike
Discourage theft Faster recovery

Scanning ease

My Velopass sticker is easily scanned via the integrated NFC chip or QR code
Scan to see if the bike has been stolen The finder can easily notify you
Large bike offer
High market value

Buy (sell) my bike

Only bike with a Velopass chip can be offered for sale on the bike marketplace: This way you are sure to buy from the owner.

Share location

  Lost! Found!

Is your bike reported as lost?
Then the finder can immediately inform you
Immediately informed Retrieval made easier

Direct contact with my bike shop

Using Velopass I can communicate with my bike shop and easily schedule an appointment for maintenance or repair
My bike
in my name