My bike
in my name

The international registry
for bike ownership
Velopass gebruiker

Jayden Hastings

Frame number


Velopass gebruiker

Hannah Clarke

Frame number


Velopass gebruiker

Emma Hughes

Frame number


Scare off thieves

By attaching the Velopass sticker with integrated chip to my bike, I make it visible that it is a registered bike

Discourage theft Faster recovery

Scan convenience

My Velopass sticker is easily scanned through the QR code or integrated NFC chip

To see if the bike has been stolen The finder can easily notify you
Share location

  Lost! Found!

Is your bike reported as lost?
The finder can immediately inform you.

Immediately informed Retrieval made easier

Transfer of ownership

You can easily transfer the ownership of your bike to someone else

To facilitate resale You buy from the rightful owner
Best price
More trust

Reselling my bike

In case of resale, you can transfer ownership and the bike is delivered with a digital passport. The digital passport contains accurate bike data which increases trust in the second-hand market

They went for Velopass...



Genius solution!

An international system where both governments and the bike industry can watch over my bike is genius. Besides, I will be able to sell my bike for a good price and with confidence.



My Stromer is secured on an international basis

I just registered my Stromer. Super easy and the chip fits very nicely on my bike. I already have a track & trace on my bike but Velopass allows the international cycling industry community to check the status of my Stromer and trace it back to me. Ingenious!



Brilliant way to prevent bicycle theft

Since my bike was stolen a while back and the police did not have enough evidence to drop in on the thief who put my bike up for sale, I am very interested in Velopass. I registered my bike. Very nice interface. And above all, also a contact person who contacts you reasonably quickly to answer questions.

      My bike
      in my name